live on lakeside wkyc channel 3 cleveland (8/1/17)

in the circle podcast (7/23/17)



WAKR 1590 (7/17/17)

WVIZ - "IDEAS" (4/11/17)


The (4/2/17) (3/31/17)

Spotlight on Danielle Miller and Julia Thorndike, directors of burn the ships


WKSU 89.7 (3/31/17)


Akron Beacon Journal / (3/29/17)


WEWS channel 5 cleveland (3/28/18)

Wews Channel 5 features Think Media Studios' Burn the Ships, as well as the company's other feature premier of A More Civil War

WAKR 1590 jasen sokol show with and bobbi horvath (3/28/17)

Directors Danielle miller and Julia thorndike join akron racers' gm joey arrietta in the wakr studio 


WKYC CHannel 3 cleveland (3/28/17)

Directors Danielle Miller and Julia Thorndike are joined by Joey Arrietta to discuss Burn the Ships with Jim Donovan


THE AKRONIST (3/21/17)


NBC SPORTS RADIO With dave denholm (3/18/17)

Interview with director, Danielle Miller


Akron Beacon Journal (3/3/17)